June 11, 2008


Heh nice one D. My turn:

1. Peck: "Just let me undo you. I'll do you back up." Mimes putting his hands under her blouse and playing with her boobies.

2. Peck: "You can't submit work to Playboy unless you're fifteen..."

3. Peck: "For a thirty year old, you have a body a twenty year old woman would die for."

Okay. Looks like my Forget Bad Memories Program has done its work - I can't remember my other boo-boos.

What I do remember (and remember having a horribly hard time with) is an incident on Saturday matinee during the family dinner scene. It was freezing cold, and Grandpa had a runny nose. On one of his lines, he laughed (the snorting kind) and some snot came out, which was wonderful for character but horrendous for Peck next to him, who had a painful time trying not to laugh.

June 10, 2008


my little moments

1. my first experience with creating thespian spit. watching dem lil missiles launching from my mouth in slow motion was pretty ew. is that why they call it 'projecting'?

2. almost knocking down the wooden stool i was meant to sit back down on after a section of 'Mother's Guide To Social Drinking' monologue. i got a hold of it *just* in the nick of time as it was sent crashing to the floor. Yes, all that practice with flies and chopsticks has finally gone to constructive use.

3. the tableau - maintaining the crouch while the audience streams in for the start of Act 2. it only got really bad when we had that 100-strong audience who took their time resuming their seats. apart from that, it was pretty alright. i discovered that keeping myself occupied with thoughts of doing 'nasty! vulgar! primitive! hot!' things to Amelia helps a lot.

4. during the 'Photoshoot', whilst indulging in one of my stylo-mylo poses, i contracted a severe cramp in my right butt cheek. keeping it there til the next 'click', in that moment i believed that mercy no longer existed. Note to self: never attempt to hyperextend your limbs in an excessively air-conditioned environment.

5. as Aunt Mary, for the line, "My poor sister. She sits every Christmas when i come home to dinner with a new stole or diamonds or tickets to Mauritius". I mixed it up once and it came out as "My poor sister. She comes home every Christmas to dinner... and i JUST SIT THERE with a new stole or diamonds or tickets to Mauritius". Whoa, like, since when was Mary such a stuck-up bitch, right? I don't think anyone from the audience had sympathy for her that night. Also, there was time where i barely cut myself short of saying 'the maldives', it came out as 'tickets to The Mauritius'. The Mauritius what?


June 5, 2008

HILTD: Opening Night

It's here folks! How I Learned to Drive is officially open and heres a sneek peek at what to expect.

The Set

The Stars

The Stellar Cast

The stage is set and the show promises to be nothing short of awesome, so come one come all and help make this a success!

June 4, 2008

i don't know about you...

...but i feel something scraping against the fragile walls of my rectum right now. but it feels too big to be a brick. i suspect it's a whole house.

leaving the office in 20 minutes.

hope i don't let you guys down.


tick, tock.

and so HILTD opens tomorrow.

it seems like yesterday that we had auditions for the show, and now the show's ready for an audience. it's damn fast when you're busy, busy having fun. we've been through a lot in the past two, three months - rehearsal space, set building, shortage of hands, production money, sleep deprivation, putting up with constant indecisiveness from the director i.e. me - all for six performances at the esteemed TASB. vogel is the bomb. the lighting's awesome. the soundtrack's great. the set rocks. the costumes rock harder. the cast will blow you away. the creative crew cannot get any better. the production team is, in one word, amazing.

and we've all had our ups and downs - good runs of the play, not-so-good runs. good days, not-so-good days. the cookbook for a great show, in my opinion.

bloody hell. i can't sleep.

come catch our show, and let me know what you think!

June 3, 2008

Butterflies: sudah sampai!

Every year, I get involved in a production with The Oral Stage.

It's like an annual pilgrimage, a Haj of sorts if you wish.

It's the eve of The Opening.

And the butterflies have arrived.

*flutter flutter*

Then I remember something from the last production.

It was hours before opening. Someone said butterflies weren't just fluttering by anymore.

They were clawing in our stomachs.

A round of mojitos from La Bodega for the cast before each and every show would be nice.

I think the butterflies will enjoy the mojito.

June 2, 2008

An Awwwwww Moment

So I got to watch the final round of rehearsals yesterday (I know! Lord only knows why Kel wants my opinion, but hey, it was cool for me! :P) and it was the bomb, really.

Oh, and I will keep this short even though I'm (extremely) bored at work :P

Everyone has come so far from Day 1 and I felt really privileged to be able to watch them grow. Truly, the audience will never know just how much effort these guys have put in; they deserve sell-out crowds and standing ovations just for the sheer energy they've given to this production! Cast, crew and the entire production team - everyone works together amazingly well, with immense professionalism and dedication to this project. I really don't think TOS could've asked for a better bunch of peeps and I'm so happy for my dearest Kel that it's worked out so well.

Whatever happens from the 4th-8th of June, everyone involved in HILTD can pat themselves on the back (and anywhere else they may so desire) because this is most definitely a job well done. I'm really proud to have helped you guys in some teeny tiny way!! :)

Ooh, one last note - L'il Bit's outfit is H.A.W.T!! :D Haha, can I borrow once the show's over? ;)